Can Being Sick Affect Driving Ability and Safety?

Driving Safety

Millions of vehicles are on the road every day. Driving is part of regular daily life. However, it can also be dangerous, and car accidents happen every day. Many people may not think about how many different factors can affect driving safety. Everyone knows that behaviors such as drunk or distracted driving can be deadly. Most people have heard extensively about the dangers of texting or drinking while driving. There are, however, other factors that are not discussed as often. Being sick can actually play a role in driving safety.

Why Safe Driving is So Important

Car accidents happen every day for a variety of reasons. They could occur because of mechanical malfunctions with a vehicle; poor weather conditions; dangerous road conditions; faulty traffic signals, signs, or pavement markings, or for many other reasons. However, many accidents occur for reasons that are completely preventable. Drivers who cause accidents because of unsafe driving permanently impact the lives of others as well as themselves, and it could all be prevented with a little more focus on safety.

How Feeling Sick can Impact Driving Safety

Generally, drivers do not give too much thought to how illness could impact their ability to drive safely. However, it has been shown that drivers who feel sick may be at a greater risk of car accidents. For one thing, physical illness can be very distracting. If a person is distracted by a cold or flu, they cannot fully focus their attention on driving. Since distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents, it is important not to rule out physical illness as a contributing factor to accidents. A recent study looked at the impact of physical illness on driving to determine whether feeling sick played a significant role in unsafe driving. According to this study, when a sick person drives a car, their ability to drive safely is significantly reduced. Notable findings are that sick drivers tend to:

  • Brake more frequently.
  • Brake more abruptly.
  • Have far slower reaction time that is insufficient for changing conditions on the road.
  • Have irregular and unpredictable driving patterns compared with drivers who are healthy and well.
  • Be less attentive to their surroundings and environment when driving.

Understanding these factors can go a long way in preventing deadly accidents. Prevention is the best path to safety. It is also important to remember that when an accident does happen, victims need support and to have someone in their corner. In these situations, an experienced lawyer can be invaluable.

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