Many firms pride themselves on the results that they get for clients but at The Law Office of Duane King we like to share the actual stories behind the results that we’re able to achieve for our clients.

Our client was a passenger in a ride share vehicle that was rear ended by another vehicle while stopped at a stop sign. She immediately began experiencing pain and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Following months of physical therapy and lost time from work, the insurance company offered a small amount to settle her claim, not even enough to cover her medical bills. The reason they cited for the low offer was, “There was little to no property damage to the vehicle she was in, thus she must have been overstating her injury.” Instead of haggling with the insurance company we immediately filed a lawsuit in Montgomery County, Maryland. At trial, the judge awarded our client almost 4 times what the insurance company had offered her prior to our firm filing a lawsuit. This case was an important win because insurance companies often attempt to correlate the injury that a person has sustained with the property damage that their vehicle has sustained. However, there is no direct correlation between injury to a person and injury to a vehicle.

Our client was a motorcyclist who suffered debilitating injuries while he was riding his motorcycle with a group of other motorcyclists. While riding, unbeknownst to him another motorcyclist had joined his group and struck his motorcycle from the rear causing him to lose control of his bike and crash on highway. The other motorcyclist never stopped and fled the scene. Thankfully a friend of his had just taken a picture (at a rest stop) of the motorcyclist that fled the scene. When our office presented a demand to the insurance company they balked, saying “Our client denied ever making any contact with your client and you won’t be able to prove that he did in court.” Again we immediately filed suit, and after a few months in litigation the insurance company settled the case for the six figure policy limit of their insured.


Policy Limit Settlement

Motorist who was rear ended and sustained neck injuries which necessitated spinal fusion surgery.


Policy Limit Settlement

Minor pedestrian who crossing the street to catch the school bus.


Policy Limit Settlement

Pedestrian who was hit while crossing an intersection (in a crosswalk) in her wheelchair.

We have obtained higher settlements than these that are listed but have duty to keep those amounts confidential per the agreement with the insurance company when we settled the claims.

The bottom line is that we are prepared to take each client’s case to trial and have obtained outstanding results on behalf of our clients by not allowing insurance companies “bully” our clients into settling their cases for less than they should receive.

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