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The Law Offices of Duane O. King

“There are bigger personal injury law firms out there that are staffed with dozens of lawyers ready to jump on the next case. But what you have to ask yourself is how much of a personal investment that attorney will give to your claim. Because the real value of a law firm is not how many lawyers are on staff, but how many of those lawyers are committed to treating every new client as if they were representing a member of their own family. The Law Offices of Duane O. King has been helping personal injury clients since 2007, and over the past decade, we have learned that people who are hurting simply want to be reassured that the attorney they hired cares about their welfare and will do everything possible to right a wrong.

As the head of the firm, I have made a commitment to providing individualized attention to every client that we represent. A big part of that commitment means being available by phone, email or videoconference so that each client is constantly updated on the status of a claim. I also pride myself on providing service that is warm, friendly and reassuring. That is a result of my southern upbringing that was focused on always being honest, keeping your word, and performing your duties with a joyful spirit.

Clients of the Law Offices of Duane O. King should never feel as if their case is just another file in our records. Our promise is that we will make you feel comfortable and secure because you will always know what we are doing on your behalf, and how we will respond to the moves made by a defendant. We try to foster that relationship from the initial free consultation all the way through to the conclusion of your case, whether that occurs by settlement or through a jury trial.”

– From Duane O. King