Intoxicated Bus Driver Makes Headlines

Washington DC car wreck lawyers discuss intoxicated bus driver.

Parents, educators, and administrators trust bus drivers to make smart decisions, especially with their children. This expectation of security and appropriate choices makes stories like the recent one from a northwestern state so shocking. It emphasizes just how important it is for everyone to be diligent in avoiding becoming a victim of a car wreck.

Straight from the News

According to police reports, a middle-aged school bus driver who was on her second route of the day began acting erratically. Video shows her screaming and ranting while alone and when children were seated on the bus. Authorities were notified of her behavior when a fifth grader on the bus called 911. The student explained that the bus driver had driven through numerous red lights and appeared to be drunk. By the time authorities caught up with the bus driver, she no longer had passengers but was noticeably intoxicated. She has since been removed from her position.

Penalties in D.C.

Although the bus driver incident did not occur in or around Washington, DC, it points to the reality that any motorist can get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or even while on substances, such as over-the-counter medicines. Penalties for first-time offenses can be very serious, including months-long suspension of a driver’s license and even jail time.

For instance, a driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent may be fined up to $1,000 and receive as many as 180 days in jail. If the driver is under 21 and found with any measurable BAC, the driver will be similarly charged. For commercial vehicle drivers, such as the bus driver previously reported, the BAC level that warrants driving under the influence (DUI) is halved at 0.04 percent. After a first offense, a driver in DC who is caught drunk driving will face steeper penalties. Bus drivers who make driving their primary profession will likely lose their job if they have DUI convictions their records.

Ways to Curb DUI in Career Drivers

One of the more heartening aspects of the DUI bus driver incident was the maturity the young elementary student showed in contacting police on her cell phone. Ideally, all passengers in commercial transport vehicles, as well as other motorists and pedestrians, should be just as vigilant in reporting potential DUI offenders. Communities that band together to put an end to unnecessary injuries and deaths related to drunk driving accidents will see the benefits in improved roadway collision statistics.

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