How can a Lawyer Help with a Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident, most people will want to file some kind of claim. Drivers and passengers who have suffered some kind of personal or property damage have a right to compensation from insurance companies. Ideally, filing a car accident claim would be a straightforward situation involving little paperwork; however, this is not usually the case. Most people find that car accident cases are difficult; however, hiring a lawyer after a collision can be extremely beneficial because they can help a victim collect compensation.

Can I File a Claim on My Own?

It is not impossible for a car accident victim to file a claim on their own, especially if the claim does not involve a lot of money. Insurance companies tend to make it easier to file and receive compensation for lower amounts that cover very minor injuries and property damage.

However, when damages are expensive, insurance companies tend to offer low settlements or deny claims. For instance, a victim may require long-term medical attention due to a chronic condition linked to a car crash incident. The insurance company may agree to cover immediate medical bills but not offer any kind of remuneration for ongoing physical therapy, medications, and physician appointments. A victim working on their own must face insurance company adjusters and lawyers, which can be very overwhelming. The insurance company may offer a settlement that sounds very high, but it is actually inadequate.

Lawyers Have Connections

Car accident lawyers are trained to handle the nuances of dealing with difficult insurance companies and filing claims on behalf of their clients. Lawyers not only have the background to handle negotiations, but they may have relationships with insurance companies and representatives.

Can a Lawyer Help with Evidence?

A lawyer has the infrastructure and expertise to collect, coordinate, and catalogue all the documents needed to prove a car accident insurance claim. Obtaining information from health care entities can be difficult.

Although patients are entitled to receive copies of their medical documents, offices and hospital staff do not always prioritize finding and sending these reports. Medical reports may be inadequate as well, such as not citing the car crash in their original notes. A lawyer knows how to get this information to support a claim for a fair settlement offer.

Preparing for Trial

A lawyer is completely prepared to go to trial if it is needed. The vast majority of insurance claim cases end at the settlement table. However, if a trial is warranted, a lawyer will be able to navigate the court system and put forth a strong case.

A victim may be concerned about lawyer fees. Usually, the cost is minimal until a settlement or court victory is reached. At that point, the lawyer will be entitled to a percentage of the settlement or verdict as per a pre-discussed contingent fee arrangement. For this reason, it is also necessary to at least consult with a lawyer after an accident.

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