Can Undetected Epilepsy Cause a Car Accident?

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder, a person with epilepsy is someone who suffers from recurring and unprovoked seizures. A person can be diagnosed with epilepsy if they meet certain criteria. Typically, a diagnosis stems from a person having two or more unprovoked seizures. A doctor may give a diagnosis after one seizure if it is likely that there will be more in the future. The question remains, can undetected epilepsy cause a car accident?

Having epilepsy can be especially dangerous when driving a vehicle. The danger applies to anyone at risk of seizures behind the wheel and anyone who shares the road with them. When a person has a seizure, they lose control of their body. An individual with epilepsy may also lose control of their vehicle, causing a car accident. The problem is that a seizure disorder may go undiagnosed until an accident happens. Undetected epilepsy can cause a car crash; when this happens, legal issues, like liability, can be complicated.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Knowing the signs of certain health issues is important for safety and prevention. The difficulty with epilepsy is that it can be hard to predict in many cases. Seizure disorders affect people of all ages and physical conditions. Some people who suffer from seizures indicate that they can tell when one is about to occur. This might be due to certain smells, tastes, or issues with vision or hearing that precedes a seizure. For an observer, advanced warning is less likely, and often, seizures occur suddenly.

What are the Health Risks of Epilepsy?

Seizures can be caused by medical interactions, alcohol or drug use, or extremely low blood sugar. Without the presence of one of these outlying factors, an epilepsy diagnosis will likely occur. Epileptic seizures can cause long-term damage to the brain, heart, and respiratory system. Additionally, when a person has a seizure, they do not have control of their motor functions. This can cause a fall, broken bone, head injury, and a serious car accident if the person is driving.

What if Epilepsy Causes a Car Accident?

When a medical condition causes a collision, determining liability can be difficult. If a person is aware of their medical condition and continued to drive despite knowing the risks, they may be responsible. If an individual is unaware of their medical condition and an accident occurs, they may not be liable. If one is involved in a car accident that was caused by a medical condition, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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