How Can Drivers Avoid Parking Lot Accidents during the Holidays?

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During the holidays, parking lots of malls and grocery stores especially are packed and overcrowded, opening the possibility of car accidents. A great deal of accidents take place in parking lots and garages as a result of distracted shoppers. While everyone is rushing to get the best deals during the holiday season, the risk of a car accident increases when shoppers no longer maintain basic safety precautions. All shoppers are advised to make themselves visible, ignore their phones, and pick safe parking sports. There are various distractions that drivers face that lead to many of the parking lot accidents. It is essential to avoid looking at your phone, GPS, social media, emails, other drivers, radio, and passengers. Also, be alert to other drivers who are not being safe.

What Are Some Holiday Parking Safety Tips?

When driving in a parking lot, it is important to stay focused and not to worry about finding or fighting for a parking spot. It is also vital to be aware for pedestrians in crosswalks. Another tip is to always keep moving and follow the flow of traffic, obey all street signs or detours, avoid sudden stops, and maintain a speed so you can stop quickly if needed. During such a busy season, some shoppers will choose to park farther away because parking sports closest to the store are the most congested. When parking farther from the store, it decreases the risk of someone waiting for your spot when you return. When parking, backing into spots during holiday traffic is dangerous and difficult. Some have died because of vehicles backing out too fast or the driver was not looking. As always, it is important to remember when entering and exiting the parking lot to avoid road rage. Anything related to incessant honking, yelling, or stealing parking sports is a result of letting emotions get the best of you. Any person in law enforcement will warn drivers that you never know what the other driver will do. It is essential to be tolerant and patient as well as forgiving because it is best to not engage or respond.

Why Are Parking Lot Accidents So Common?

There are five major reasons why drivers get into parking lot accidents during the holiday season. The most common cause of accidents is when two cars are reversing out of their spots at the same time without looking. This can be a result of getting distracted, and as a result, there is a collision. Second, when a driver pulls out from a spot and another car is in their blind spot, it will cause a collision with the oncoming car. Third, drivers reverse into oncoming traffic because they are rushing or not paying attention. Fourth, the holiday rush can cause two motorists to fight for the same spot, which can lead to an accident. Lastly, a rear-end collision can be common with heavy traffic and stop signs in the parking lot.

Washington DC Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Want All Drivers to Be Safe This Holiday Season

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