Why Are Truck Tire Blowouts Dangerous?

Washington DC Truck Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Skillfully Represent Clients in Truck Tire Blowout Cases

A truck tire blowout can sound like an explosion and be hazardous to anyone involved. It happens for various reasons and can cause severe injuries should a truck accident occur.

A tire can blow out when it suddenly loses air pressure and explodes. Overinflation can cause a tire blowout. Other causes are running over a deep pothole, poor maintenance, and not replacing worn-out tires.

When a tire blows out, drivers can lose control, swerving to counteract the sudden loss of balance. The truck driver and others sharing the road can be thrown into a panic and get into an accident. Tire blowouts can also lead to head-on collisions and rear-end accidents. An experienced commercial truck driver who can stay calm and maintain control may be able to keep the truck moving in the same direction while gradually reducing speed. Then, the truck can be pulled over to the side of the road.

What Should I Do After a Tire Blowout Accident?

After a tire blowout truck accident, call 911 immediately, and check yourself and any passengers in the vehicle. If you can, take as many photos as possible at the scene until help arrives. If a large truck had a blowout, the driver might be an owner/operator or work for a trucking company. Try to get photos of their license, truck registration, and their vehicle.

Should You Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer?

These cases can be complicated, and third parties like tire manufacturers and maintenance companies can also be involved. That is why contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer is critical. They can help gather evidence to help establish liability and be your liaison with the insurance companies and opposing counsel. Your lawyer can also represent you in court when a settlement cannot be reached.

Washington DC Truck Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Skillfully Represent Clients in Truck Tire Blowout Cases

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