What Damages Can I Recover After a Truck Accident?

damages after a truck accident

A serious truck accident can lead to life-threatening injuries, fatalities, and costly property damage. To make matters worse, establishing responsibility can be challenging since truck drivers can be independent employees or work for trucking companies. The truck may have had defective parts. There might have been debris in the road that fell off another vehicle, causing the truck to swerve and slam into your car. Because each situation is different, reconstructing what happened and gathering evidence is key to recovering damages from truck accidents. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident, contact a truck accident lawyer today for help recovering damages.

What are the Main Causes of Truck Accidents?

One of the leading causes of truck accidents is poor decision making. You might often see truckers tailgating, speeding, misjudging the speed of other vehicles and having to slam on their brakes, and passing in unsafe ways.

Another reason for these crashes is driver distraction. Like anyone else behind the wheel, truckers can easily turn their attention to other things inside and outside their vehicles like cell phones, GPS devices, billboards, and anything else on the side of the road.

Due to long hours and delivery deadlines, truck drivers are known to drive while fatigued. Driving fatigued may cause them to fall asleep at the wheel, and others might even suffer medical events like seizures and heart attacks while driving.

Poor weather conditions like ice and snow, roadway problems, driver inexperience, and failed brakes are also frequently cited as reasons for truck accidents.

What are Economic and Non-Economic Damages?

Depending on how the accident affected you and who was responsible, you may choose to seek economic damages. Examples of economic damages include compensation to pay for your medical bills, medications, medical equipment, and in-home care. Another major financial loss might be lost time at your job since workers’ compensation only covers work-related injuries. If your vehicle was damaged or totaled, that is another significant cost – even small repairs can add up to thousands of dollars of additional costs.

Pain and suffering fall into the category of non-economic damages, which are less tangible. While you might have medical procedures and medications for pain, mental anguish from conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder cannot be measured. Car accident survivors who need treatment for conditions like this may be able to receive additional compensation.

Loss of consortium is another category of non-economic damages. This is when familial relationships are negatively impacted by personal injuries. It involves being deprived of affection, companionship, and sexual relations because of the accident. A court will need to decide if the injury was serious enough to cause pain and suffering and prevent loved ones from being able to spend time together.

What Other Factors Can Impact My Compensation?

Courts take many factors into personal injury cases, starting with the age and occupation of the injured claimant. They will also want to know if there are any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, and the severity of the injuries and property damage. You can expect them to carefully consider the evidence that both sides present as well, particularly as it relates to liability.

Cases involving tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles can become more complicated because there might be more parties involved. Besides the truck driver, the trucking company and the other insurance company also must be dealt with. When other parties might have contributed to a crash, the length of the red tape increases. You might be looking at a truck manufacturer, shipping broker, truck maintenance company, and so forth – they will all have insurance providers, too.

The one thing to remember in these situations is to avoid providing statements or agreeing to settlements until you consult with a lawyer. Doing so could limit the amount of compensation you receive, and this can be quite unfortunate if you have long-term injuries that require ongoing care. Remember, you do not have to accept an initial settlement, and considering one while you are recovering from injuries can put you at a disadvantage.

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