What Causes Rollover Truck Accidents?

Washington DC Truck Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Can Help You if You Have Been Injured in a Rollover Truck Accident.

Truckers log hundreds of millions of miles every year in the United States. Truck driving is considered one of the most dangerous professions, and rollover truck accidents are a big part of that risk. Here are the leading reasons why these crashes happen.

High Center of Gravity

Commercial trucks are taller than passenger vehicles, giving them a higher center of gravity. When they are loaded with cargo, that center of gravity moves even higher, making it more unstable and more likely to overturn, especially on curves or turns.

Improper Loading

Proper loading is an essential part of truck safety. Overloading or unbalanced loading affects the stability of the vehicle. Truck contents that shift during traveling can also impact the truck’s handling and increase the chance of a rollover accident.

Driver Negligence

Operating a large, commercial truck requires extensive training for a reason. Accidents involving large trucks are more likely to cause serious and fatal injuries than smaller, passenger vehicles. Whether they are speeding, riding too closely, or driving while impaired, overtired, or distracted, unsafe truck drivers increase the chance of serious accidents and injuries.

Weather Conditions

Some truck rollover causes are out of the driver’s control. Drivers typically do not have the option to stop working when the weather is bad. If they do not work, they do not get paid. Yet, the risk of rollovers increases significantly in rainy, icy, and snowy conditions. Strong winds can also cause commercial trucks and other high-profile vehicles to overturn.

Maintenance Problems

Equipment failures are also to blame for rollover accidents. All of the components in commercial vehicles work together to ensure the truck runs safely and efficiently. Tire blowouts, brake failures, and other mechanical problems make it difficult to operate a truck in a safe manner.

Owners and operators have a duty to inspect trucks on a regular basis and correct any issues that come up. If the responsible party fails to do so, they may be liable for injuries and other losses that occur as a result of a truck rollover accident.

Individuals who are hurt in traffic accidents may have some recourse to recover compensation for medical bills and other expenses. A consultation with a skilled is the first step in that process.

Washington DC Truck Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Can Help You if You Have Been Injured in a Rollover Truck Accident

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