Do Women Have a Higher Risk of Injury in Car Accidents?

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From research and other factors, it appears that women have a higher risk of injuries when it comes to car accidents. Considering the ways in which vehicles are designed, as well as placement of safety features such as airbags, the average-sized woman may be in trouble. Women are generally smaller than men in height and weight, and their bodies will not line up with the correct placement to which a driver or passenger should be protected in the event of a collision. In an accident, women can find themselves stuck in the seat belt, where it may be easier for a man to reach or break out of the belt. 

How Are Women Injured Differently from Men in Car Accidents?

Statistics have shown that men are more likely to survive an accident. There have been many instances in which women have died of a collision from the impact, vehicle design, and other factors. The main issue here is vehicle manufacturing companies not recognizing that their designs lack safety features that protect women passengers and drivers. Women have discovered that they are susceptible to trauma related to car accidents. The most common injuries are traumatic brain injuries, permanent scarring, and instances of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to horrific memories. 

How Are Vehicle Safety Ratings Determined?

Vehicle safety ratings are provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The safety rating is determined by four tests. These tests are intended to mimic the impact of a frontal, rollover, side, and side pole crash. Each of these tests are performed using dummies representing male drivers, which raises a question as to why there is no mandated test that represents a female driver behind the wheel. 

Do the Test Dummies Used Provide an Accurate Stand-in for a Real Woman?

When tests did use a dummy figure that was intended to depict a woman, it was not accurate at all. The dummies used to depict a woman are designed with a height of 4 feet 11 inches and 108 pounds without any distinguishing features to display the dummy as a woman. This is no accounting for women’s differences in bone densities, muscles, structures, and abdominal and chest physiologies that determine a male or female dummy. The current standards are designed to protect a man’s head from banging on the top of the dashboard and reducing whiplash in men. 

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