What Kind of Car Accident Injuries Might Go Unnoticed?

Car accidents can be extremely traumatic. However, it is important to understand that no matter how severe injuries might be, sometimes they can be hard to detect immediately after an accident. Below are some examples of personal injury that might go unnoticed after a car accident.

Concussion. Concussions are brain injuries caused by a traumatic impact. These injuries, also known as mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI), can impact brain function and usually include headaches; nausea and vomiting; loss of consciousness; and problems with balance, memory, concentration, and coordination. In car accidents, these are often caused by impact to the head or the head being violently shaken in the accident.

Bone fracture. Bone fractures are serious and can be severe and even debilitating. Broken bones occur in car accidents as a result of impact with objects; crushing injuries; or the victim’s body being thrown around the vehicle or, worse, thrown out of the vehicle. Not all fractures are obvious, however. Some small fractures may actually go unnoticed after an accident. Even though minor fractures are not necessarily immediately evident, they can lead to more serious medical complications later.

Soft tissue injury. Injuries to the soft tissues can be very serious. They can also be hard to detect immediately. They might not be as obvious as broken bones or lacerations, but they can actually do more damage in the long run. This type of injury can lead to bruising of organs and internal bleeding. It is important to address any medical issues such as these to reduce risk of long-term harm.

Whiplash. Whiplash is a very common injury resulting from car accidents. The sudden shift in speed and direction causes strain and damage to the neck. Victims and responders might not realize a whiplash injury has occurred until pain in the neck and shoulders develops later.

Dislocation injuries. Dislocation injuries are also very common in car accidents. These are similar to fractures, although the bones do not break but rather move out of position from their normal location. This is often quite painful; however, sometimes a dislocation may not be immediately detectable. Depending on how the nerves are affected in the area of injury, the victim may not even feel pain right away. This is why a full body visual scan is important after a car accident to determine if something is out of place.

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