What Are Some Tips for Winning a Car Accident Case?

Bowie Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Build Strong Car Accident Cases.

Statistics show that most car accidents are caused by human error. If you are in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury suit. However, winning a case is not guaranteed. Yet, with the right legal representation and strong evidence, your chances for success can increase significantly.

Act as Quickly as Possible

Contacting emergency services right after a car accident is critical, even if your injuries seem minor. Insurance providers and defense teams will question the seriousness of your injuries if you allow too much time to lapse before getting a medical evaluation. They may assert that the injuries are not serious or that you had a pre-existing condition.

Call the Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance provider as quickly as possible. This initial call should be brief, and you can present the facts in an objective manner. State what happened, but do not elaborate. Do the same when speaking to law enforcement officers and any other first responders at the scene.

Remain Calm

It is hard to remain calm after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, but doing so is in your best interest. Anything you say could be brought up in a trial and might be used to show that you contributed to the accident. If you are questioned in detail, you can say that you need to speak with your lawyer first.

Collect Evidence

Gathering evidence at the scene is important. If any witnesses saw what happened, ask for their contact information and statements. Law enforcement officers at the scene can also handle this for you, but be sure to ask about getting a copy of the police report. Also, snap photos of both vehicles, license plates, weather conditions, skid marks, and anything else that might provide clues as to what happened.

Save and organize copies of your medical exams, diagnoses, test results, and treatment plans. Do not throw anything away because evidence, like prescription receipts for at-home care and physical therapy, can also help. Additionally, follow your doctor’s orders.

Speak With a Car Accident Lawyer

Your car accident lawyer can analyze your evidence and assist with rounding up more for your case. Your case might also benefit from expert witness testimony, and your lawyer can handle communications with insurance companies and opposing counsel. This way, you can concentrate more on your recovery.

Bowie Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Build Strong Car Accident Cases

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