How can I Use Technology to Prove My Car Accident Claim?

Although vehicles are much safer nowadays, car accidents still happen frequently. There are many advanced features in modern vehicles to help drivers and passengers stay safe, such as side-curtain airbags and locking seat belts. Some features even help prevent an accident, like a lane departure warning system or active cruise control. Technology may even be useful in a car accident case.

A car accident case can get quite complex. If a severe injury occurred or either driver suffered major damages, compensation for the victim may be difficult to obtain. The following safety features can strengthen a car accident victim’s claim.

Event Data Recorder

Similar to the black box of an airplane, an event data recorder (EDR) is an advanced system of sensors in a vehicle that records different types of data in the event of an accident. An EDR can record the vehicle’s speed and velocity, braking and throttle patterns, when an airbag ignites, and much more. This data can be accessed by accessing the vehicle’s computer and can help recreate the events of an accident without having to solely rely on a witness statement or the victim’s recollection. It is important to note that the EDR does not record audio or video information.


Although the EDR does not record audio or visual events, some vehicles can be equipped with an on-dash camera that can record video before an accident. There is also the possibility of surrounding businesses in the area that have security footage of the street, perhaps capturing the accident.


Cellphones divert the attention of drivers and cause many distracted driving accidents in the United States. A smartphone can retrieve and save information almost instantaneously and can be useful after an accident. Photographs and videos can easily be made of the scene following an accident.

Also, investigators may be able to obtain phone records and determine if one of the drivers was using their phone at the time of accident. This would help determine liability.

Why Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Car Wreck?

Since a car accident can leave lasting damages, both physically and financially, it is imperative for the victim to obtain as much information as they can. The more severe the accident, the more medical bills.

Insurance companies or the court may find a victim partially responsible for their accident, which may lead to little or no compensation. Using the technology of the vehicle is extremely useful in this case. An accident victim can have a better chance to be compensated for their injuries with the help of available data and a lawyer.

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