Can I be Sued for Waving at Another Driver?

Many drivers can relate to being stuck in heavy traffic and being unable to make a turn. Drivers may try to help other motorists by waving at them, signaling them that they can cross lanes. However, many drivers making this signal do not think to look at any oncoming traffic that could potentially injure the other driver. Unfortunately, many car wrecks result from this friendly gesture, leading to injuries or even fatalities.

Despite the innocence of the gesture, it could lead to liability concerns if the signal results in a car accident. Many drivers may wonder whether they are considered liable for an accident after waving at another driver. A victim injured in a waving-related car wreck should consider contacting a car accident lawyer to help recover financial and emotional losses.

Previous Waving-Related Car Accident Cases

Waving at another driver to go ahead is typically a good deed; however, it may lead to legal troubles if the vehicle is hit while crossing traffic. Drivers should note that they are likely liable if an accident results from this interaction.

In previous cases, the courts have found that drivers are liable for waving that resulted in car accidents. The reason for this is because the other driver is unlikely to see if there are any vehicles in oncoming traffic.

What Precautions Should I Take While Driving?

Drivers have a duty of care to others on the road; therefore, drivers need to take precaution when driving in heavy traffic. The best tip is to never wave to another driver to complete a turn. The driver can still leave a gap to allow another to cross, however, waving makes a driver susceptible to legal trouble if there is an accident. If this is unavoidable, the driver should ensure that there is no oncoming traffic that could hurt the other driver. They can ultimately make the hand gesture after the road is clear.

A victim that was involved in a car accident caused by waving should contact a car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help a victim recover both financial and emotional damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and vehicular damage.

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