Who Is At Fault for a Car Accident in Extreme Weather?

Alexandria Car Accident Lawyers at The Law Offices of Duane O. King Are Experienced in Extreme Weather Car Accident Cases

Preparing for extreme weather helps drivers avoid car accidents, but they can still happen. Whenever a driver is behind the wheel, they are legally responsible for exhibiting reasonable care towards others who share the roads and highways. This means making wise decisions like pulling over somewhere safe in a major rainstorm, slowing down, and increasing the following distance. In some cases, drivers who crash into other vehicles are not held responsible for extreme weather accidents.

Liability for a weather-related accident depends on various factors, such as how fast the vehicles were going and whether each driver followed the rules of the road. It is also essential to know details about the weather event, if it was expected, sudden, and how severe. In general, negligent drivers who cause accidents in extreme weather are held responsible because they may have been able to prevent what happened.

How Can I Drive Safely During Extreme Weather?

Decreasing speed and increasing the following distance is essential. If you see a flooded road ahead, turn around and take a different route; it only takes 12 inches of quickly-moving water to carry away a passenger car. Listen to weather reports before leaving; if extreme weather is forecasted, delay the trip until things calm down. Keeping supplies in your vehicle, like jumper cables, bottled water, non-perishable food, and spare phone chargers. Add blankets, warm clothing, and a snow shovel when the weather gets cold.

Pull over if the weather is extremely poor, such as in a parking lot. Never stop in the middle of a road or highway; always turn your hazard lights on for increased visibility.

Alexandria Car Accident Lawyers at The Law Offices of Duane O. King Are Experienced in Extreme Weather Car Accident Cases

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