What is a No Doubt Liability Claim?

No Doubt Liability Claim

There are many people who have been injured in a car accident who think that they can handle the case by themselves. These cases are often referred to as no doubt car accidents because it is clear who was at fault. But it would be a mistake for you to attempt to handle a car or truck accident case by yourself, especially if you have sustained a serious personal injury. Sometimes these cases seem simple at first but can become complex. The best course of action is to hire an experienced car or truck accident lawyer to help you through the process, answer all your questions, and get the best result in your case.

Simple Liability Cases

When you are seriously injured in a car accident and another driver was negligent, their insurance company will fight for them and against your interests. The driver’s insurance company will have a small army of adjusters, investigators, and lawyers, all fighting to make sure you get as little amount of money as possible. You should have a team of experienced accident lawyers on your side fighting to make sure you get the most money legally allowed and that you are fully fairly compensated for your serious injuries. The types of no doubt cases are as follows:

  • DUI accidents. These are accidents in which the negligent driver has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some people think that this will be an easy case to win, but they can be extremely complicated given the fact that the police will be involved, and you would still have to prove to a jury that the driver was intoxicated.
  • Rear end collisions. Most of the time, rear end accidents are the fault of the other driver for not paying attention or being distracted and smashing into the vehicle in front of them. Again, these are usually easy cases to prove liability. However, it may be difficult to prove damages, to demonstrate the severity of your injuries.
  • Left turn cases. These types of accidents are where another driver turns in front of you while they are making a left hand turn. Most of the time these are simple cases in which the other driver is clearly at fault. However, there are some instances in which owing to the complexity of the roadway, who was at fault is not clear cut. There could be some defense lawyers who try to blame you, the injured plaintiff, as being at least partially at fault for traveling too fast, for example. This would certainly make the case more complicated.
  • Wrong way driving. If someone is driving down the wrong side of the road, it is easy to demonstrate that they were at fault. However, like every other type of car accident case, you still must be able to prove your physical injuries and how seriously they affected your life.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Simple Case?

You may think it is a simple case initially, but in many instances, it could easily turn into a complicated situation. That is why having an expert representing you and fighting for your rights is the best course of action. The insurance company will have many people fighting against you to first prove that their insured was not at fault. Secondly, they will have medical experts to try to demonstrate that you were not injured or you were not seriously injured. In every case, you must prove that the other driver was negligent and failed to follow the rules of the road. But you must also prove that you were injured.

Another reason to have an expert representing you is that a lawyer who focuses their practice on representing injured people in car and truck accidents will know the true value of a particular injury. They will be able to assess how that injury has affected you and compare it with other cases that they have handled. The lawyer will be able to discuss with the insurance adjuster the nature of your injuries and how it has affected you. Your lawyer will be able to compile the medical records and receive expert medical reports outlining what you went through, the pain, the treatment protocol, and whether there will be any lingering disability or symptoms from your injuries.

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