What Should I Do after a Hit and Run Car Accident?

Hit and Run

Any type of car accident can leave behind extensive damage and serious personal injury. Hit and run accidents can be even more traumatic for victims because they may feel hopeless and powerless, unsure where to turn. Below are some helpful tips for dealing with the aftermath of a hit and run accident.

Get Medical Attention

The first thing that should be taken into consideration after any accident is the health and safety of the driver and any passengers in the vehicle. It is a good idea for everyone involved to check for injuries immediately after the accident. Furthermore, medical assessments and tests such as X-rays can reveal injuries that might not be readily noticeable.

Call the Insurance Company

Normally, in a two-vehicle accident, the drivers would exchange insurance information and contact their insurance company. In a hit and run accident, this, of course, is not possible. It is still very important for the victim to contact their insurance provider and report what happened.

Call the Police

Calling the police is an important step after any car accident. A police report can be excellent evidence documenting what happened. In a hit and run accident, it is even more important because the other driver committed a crime by leaving the scene. Calling the police promptly improves the chances of the hit and run driver being found and identified.

Take Notes

Any notes describing the other vehicle or its driver can help the police in finding the person who left the scene. Additionally, notes about the specifics of the accident are important for insurance claims and any potential legal case. Documentation is one of the most important considerations after an accident. It is best to take notes as soon as possible while the information is fresh.

Get Pictures and Video

If it is possible to get photos of the hit and run vehicle, this can be very helpful. Additionally, pictures and video of the damage, signs, traffic lights, and road conditions can be important to show how the accident happened, at what location, and who was at fault.

Talk to Witnesses

Witnesses are not always available for every car accident, but witnesses are very helpful to ensure that any other driver or person on the street who saw the accident has the opportunity to provide their account. Sometimes witnesses will have information, such as the other driver’s license plate number, that the victim may not possess.

Contact a Lawyer

Hit and run accidents can leave victims with large medical bills, expensive repairs, and mental and emotional trauma. It is important to seek out a knowledgeable lawyer who knows how to help victims get the compensation they need.

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