Who is Liable for a Car Accident That was Caused by a Traffic Light Malfunction?

Traffic lights are important for roadway safety; they keep order and prevent intersections from becoming congested. Lights also keep the flow of traffic moving safely and reduce car accidents. However, sometimes, a traffic light can malfunction, which can be extremely dangerous for motorists.

Traffic light malfunctions are not extremely common, but when they do happen, catastrophic injuries can occur. There are different ways that a traffic light malfunction can lead to an accident. For example, a light that does not light up could be especially hazardous at night because a vehicle might not even know that there is an intersection. Also, a light at an intersection could falsely show green for vehicles, causing collisions.

Government or municipal entities are responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic lights. If a light fails to perform properly because of poor installation or improper care, the local authority responsible for overseeing traffic lights will likely be held responsible for the accident.

What Causes Traffic Light Malfunctions?

The most common reasons for traffic light malfunction are generally weather related. Severe weather can damage traffic lights or make them less visible. However, there are also occasions where a light malfunctions due to improper installation or maintenance. Although rare, these situations can be fatal.

Additionally, malfunctioning traffic lights can cause a wide variety of injuries. If a vehicle mistakenly enters an intersection because of a faulty light, they may be struck by another vehicle in a side-impact crash. This situation can be deadly, especially when the other car hits the driver’s side door or any part of the car where passengers are seated.

Why is it Important to Contact a Lawyer After a Collision?

In a car accident case, the responsible party typically does not admit fault, especially if serious injuries are involved. A lawyer understands car accident laws and has the resources to ensure that the responsible party pays the victim. It can be difficult who is liable for an accident, but a lawyer can help.

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