What Should I Do if I Get Into a Car Accident With a Foreign Tourist?

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It is not uncommon in the D.C. area to meet and work with people who live and work abroad. However, what if you are involved in a car accident with someone who is not a U.S citizen. a foreign tourist? While the process of suing someone from another country is complex, it is a possibility worth considering if you have significant damages.

After a car accident with someone who has left the country, you must first determine if you have any legal recourse in your own country. It may be possible to get a judge in the U.S. to hear your case.

Gather all of the documentation related to your case, and make an appointment with a car accident lawyer to discuss your options. It is best to choose a law firm with experience resolving international claims to explain the pros and cons of pursuing litigation abroad.

Serving a Lawsuit Abroad

Often, the most difficult part of suing someone who lives in another country is just notifying them of the lawsuit. The time and costs associated with this process may intimidate some clients, but it should never discourage you from exploring every legal remedy available. This is especially true if you sustained serious injuries and have to contend with substantial medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

You are more likely to be successful if your car accident attorney collaborates with a lawyer in the other country. They will arrange for a local process server to deliver the documents to the other party. Fortunately, video conferencing, email, and other technology make lawyers and other international resources more accessible than ever before.

If the person who caused your accident has left the country and does not appear in court to defend themselves, you will win your case by default. Yet, a win does not always guarantee a recovery of financial damages.

If the at-fault party does have accounts, property, or other assets in the U.S., you may be able to recover damages. These assets would be liquidated to pay out your compensation. Your attorney can do the research necessary to determine if assets exist.

In car accidents cases and other types of civil claims, the “law of the land” typically applies. Certain nations are more cooperative than others. Depending upon the law in their country of residence, it may be challenging to enforce a default judgment abroad if that person does not have any assets in the U.S. These cases take longer to resolve and may not be worthwhile for minor damages.

International claims are complicated, but that does not mean you should not pursue justice after a serious car accident. Start with a legal consultation to discuss your situation and learn how to start the process.

A Washington DC Car Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Duane O. King Will Fight for A Good Outcome for Those Injured in Accidents

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