What is the Difference between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Aggressive driving is when a motorist takes to the road in a very assertive manner that can endanger others or property as well as committing a variety of traffic offenses while moving through live traffic. Some examples are speeding,blocking lanes, sudden lane shifting, honking or other distractive actions, tailgating, not yielding, and not moving out of the way for emergency vehicles.

Road rage can be deemed a criminal offense and can result in jail time as punishment. The action of road rage is when a person is motivated by an act of violence against another driver. An example is utilizing one’s car as a weapon, attempting to engage in an irresponsible car chase, harassing another car by bumping or nudging their bumper, or getting out of the vehicle and pulling some type of weapon. Road rage is something drivers go to as a last resort when other factors have been contributing to their stress or anger that day. Something minor can set the driver off and cause them to be filled with anger that they then release by lashing out at another driver.

Aggressive driving and road rage are dangerous behaviors that can lead to a car accident and personal injury.

How can Drivers Prevent Themselves from Being an Aggressive Driver or Practicing Road Rage?

An important rule to follow for all drivers is to be better prepared for every car trip. All drivers should be getting plenty of rest and eating full meals before taking to the road. Plan for scenarios such as bad weather because it is going to be harder to stop for gas or to use the rest room. Be aware of the time and allow enough time to get where you are going. In addition to preparing, include aspects of comfort for your ride as well. Make sure you have your favorite or relaxing music to enjoy, take deep breaths if getting stressed while driving, and find a safe place to pull over if needed.

How Should I Handle an Aggressive Driver?

Be aware of your surroundings and other drivers on the road. Just because you are driving calmly does not mean you are not the focus of another driver’s road rage. If you find yourself in contact with an aggressive driver, do not make eye contact or return any aggressive behavior. It is best to let them pass you and move on ahead. If the aggressive driver threatens or harasses you, call the police and make them aware of the situation.

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