Why Is Running a Red Light So Dangerous?

running red light

There are great dangers that come with running red lights, and the consequences are harsh. When it comes to running a red light, it essentially means that the driver is failing to come to a stop when a traffic signal instructs the driver to do so; as a result, accidents can and have occurred. When someone gets into a car accident because of running a red light, this means facing legal responsibility for any personal injury or property damage that may occur.

Why Do Some Drivers Run Red Lights?

Many drivers have stated a similar excuse that there was no time to stop, or they were unable to stop in time without causing an accident, so they took the chance and ran the red light. Other instances involve drivers being in a rush and impatient, or they simply do not care because they want to go regardless of if the light changes. The drivers who are going through these lights do not care about their safety or the safety of others on the road. Some have said they choose to run a red light when they think that no one is watching. The important factor to consider here is whether running a red light to avoid being late worth an accident. Some drivers just do not want to sit in traffic, so they put themselves and everyone else in danger of an accident.

What Happens if You Get Pulled Over for Running a Red Light?

If you run a red light and get caught, a police officer will surely pull you over. If in the event you are found guilty of running a red light, you can also be found guilty of speeding. This will then count as two offenses leading to two different charges. When drivers are pulled over, they tend to claim they were thinking quickly and decided to go through the light at the last minute and hoped for the best, but this is not an excuse. Would slamming on the brakes have been a better option? Any law enforcement officer would suggest driving at a moderate speed so that there would not be any last-minute decisions or risks taken.

When Is It Difficult to See a Red Light?

  • Tired drivers zone out on long trips and lose situational awareness.
  • Distracted drivers are occupied by their phones, weather, the radio, or other passengers.
  • Drivers can be under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

What Are Some Consequences of Running a Red Light?

  • Injuries and property damage as a result of a car accident.
  • Fatalities from serious injuries from a car accident.
  • Legal issues related to charges for aggressive driving.

What Happens after an Accident Occurs from Running a Red Light?

  • Violation of law from not protecting yourself and others while on the road.
  • You and your insurance company will pay for damages caused.
  • You may lose your car insurance because of the accident.
  • You may receive a traffic citation or be criminally prosecuted.

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