What are the Dangers of Summer Driving?

Summer Driving

Driving in the summertime may seem easier than driving in the winter, with no worry of ice, sleet, or snow. Yet driving during the warmest months of the year has its risks. In fact, the timeframe between Memorial and Labor Day has earned a nickname as the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer because of an annual increase in fatal car accidents.

Of course, any car accident can require emergency treatment and end in catastrophic injuries for victims. To protect themselves and their passengers, drivers should know the hazards of traveling, running short errands, and commuting in the summer. They should also apply special precautionary driving measures recommended by safety experts and car accident lawyers.

Why Does the Number of Highway Collisions Rises During the Summer?

The uptick in summer car accident incidents happens because of a combination of factors. Taken alone, each factor would have a minimal impact on the total number of deadly car crashes. However, when they occur all at once, they present serious problems for drivers.

  • Clogged highways: Individuals and families regularly take trips throughout the summer. Roads around busy places such as Washington DC frequently turn into bumper-to-bumper parking lots as people visit new and beloved places and people. The increase in traffic naturally corresponds with an increase in accidents. Plus, drivers may get confused or overwhelmed on unfamiliar roads, causing them to get into accidents.
  • Teen drivers: Many teen drivers earn their driver’s licenses by the summer. Teen drivers have a higher chance of getting into accidents than more seasoned drivers for several reasons. First, they have less experience. Secondly, they may engage in reckless driving. According to AAA, nearly three-quarters of all teens admit to driving while sleepy, driving without wearing a seat belt, texting while driving, or engaging in other aggressive or negligent driving behaviors within any 30-day period. When teens make poor driving choices, they can put themselves and others at risk.
  • Unpredictable weather: Pop-up storms happen frequently during the summer and can cause high winds, blinding downpours, and flooded roads. Even a light shower can leave an oily road incredibly slick.
  • Road construction: Municipalities often take advantage of long, sunny days to upgrade and repair roads. Drivers trying to navigate construction vehicles and sites may end up crashing into objects, including road barriers and other vehicles.
  • Speeding and rushing: Plenty of serious accidents can be avoided just by drivers slowing down. Unfortunately, the lure of a road trip on a beautiful summer day may encourage some drivers to speed up. Other drivers may try to get to their desired destinations faster. Driving just a few miles over the speed limit can leave a driver unable to properly respond to changing conditions.

Ways to Prevent Deadly Accidents During the Summer

The wisest strategy to avoid accidents over the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer includes taking preventive measures, such as the following:

  • Slow down and avoid distractions: Staying within posted speed limits and avoiding texting and driving, or other distractions, remain a top way to keep everyone on the roads safer.
  • Get tuned up: Cars should be serviced regularly year-round, and especially during the summer when drivers use them more frequently. Before any trip, a car should be examined visually and potentially taken to a mechanic to diagnose any issues.
  • Get tuned in: Most drivers have access to the internet before they get into their vehicles. Checking weather apps, future forecasts, and even construction zones will help them map out routes and know what to expect.
  • Avoid pushing the limits: Teen drivers should recognize their limits and gradually build their driving abilities. This may mean forgoing driving for long hours, especially if they have just received their driver’s license and have little experience behind the wheel. Over time, teens can slowly become more confident in their abilities, which leaves them better able to make smart choices and become conscientious drivers.

Of course, sometimes accidents happen to good drivers because other drivers do not plan ahead or drive effectively. In this case, victims or their families may want to connect with a car accident lawyer to discuss their options. Having a conversation with a lawyer before accepting any settlement offers from an insurance provider can help victims and their families understand their rights and options when it comes to recovering damages from summertime accident.

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