Where is the Safest Seat in the Car?

DC Car Accident Lawyers adress the safest seat in the car.

Many people have a favorite seat in the car. For some, it is the driver’s seat so they can control what happens to the vehicle, while others like to ride shotgun as front seat passengers. Typically, children and extra adults get shuffled to the backseat, much to their dismay. The good news, though, is that those backseat travelers may be in the safest seat. Studies show that the middle rear seat is the safest place of all. Children had a 43 percent reduced risk of suffering an injury in the event of a crash. Among adults sitting in the middle rear seat, the risk was about 25 percent less.

Years ago, families assumed that someone in the middle rear seat was in danger of going through the windshield in the case of an accident. As long as the person is buckled in using a three-part harness, or a child is in a properly situated and appointed car seat, the middle rear seat absorbs less impact during a collision.

This makes sense from a physics standpoint. The sides of the car are known as crumple zones, as they crumple in when the car is hit during a T-bone or other type of accident. However, the middle rear seat has no direct contact with the car sides or windows. Over the past several decades, the front seat has become increasingly safer due to car manufacturing advancements. However, the rear middle seat still beats the front seat statistically from a safety standpoint.

How to Boost Safety

There are a few tips to boost safety no matter where someone sits in a car. First, their seat should always be one that includes a three-point safety harness, not a lap belt. Next, they should use their seat belts every time they are in the car, even if it is just to head down the street to visit a friend. Another way to increase car safety for everyone is to make certain the vehicle has excellent safety ratings. All car safety ratings can be easily checked online using a variety of websites. When families buy a new vehicle, they should keep these ratings in mind. No one should ever drive distracted or under the influence of illegal substances.

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