What is a Rollaway Car Accident?

A rollaway car accident involves a vehicle moving without a driver being in control of it. There are a number of ways these accidents can happen. In newer vehicles, the brake transmission safety interlock (BTSI) system is available. The BTSI system prevents a vehicle from shifting out of park unless the engine is on and the foot brake is engaged. Before BTSI technology, it was possible for a vehicle to be shifted from park into gear, even with the engine off and without a foot on the brake.

There are a number of ways that rollaway accidents can happen:

  • Worn transmissions that can slip and shift into gear on their own.
  • Defective solenoid pins in BTSI systems.
  • Design flaws in how transmission controls operate.
  • Unattended children left in parked vehicles.

Safety Tips to Prevent Rollaway Accidents

Most rollaway accidents are preventable. The BTSI protects against some rollaway accidents. Others can be prevented by practicing the following:

  • Turning the engine off before leaving the car.
  • Always leaving the car in park when parking.
  • Always using the emergency brake when parking.
  • Turning front wheels toward the curb when parking on a hill.
  • Never leave children unattended in a vehicle.
  • Lock the door when exiting the vehicle.
  • Never leave keys in the vehicle.

A rollaway vehicle is dangerous. The rolling vehicle can be damaged, and the vehicle occupants can incur serious injuries.

New Technology Concerns

Federal safety guidelines that went into effect in 2010 required all new vehicles to be equipped with BTSI technology to reduce the risk of rollaway accidents. This was in response to a number of accidents and complaints about multiple different vehicle makes and models that were involved in rollaway crashes. However, BTSI systems alone may not be enough to avert rollaway crashes.

Who is Liable for a Rollaway Accident?

Fault for a rollaway accident is uncovered by investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. Sometimes, the fault lies with the manufacturer of the car. There can be more than one attribution of fault in an accident as well.

To help determine fault, a car accident victim should retain a lawyer who can evaluate the facts of the case. The lawyer will be able to determine who is responsible for the collision. Additionally, a lawyer will help their client obtain owed compensation. Any car accident can cause significant injuries.

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