Can an Unrestrained Pet Cause a Car Accident?

Plenty of pet owners travel from place to place with their dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals. However, traveling with a pet puts drivers at risk. In order to prevent a car accident, pet owners should take safety precautions.

In Washington, D.C., pets owners must have their pets restrained in vehicles. The law mentions that at least a $100 fine can be levied against a driver who interacts with their pet while operating their motor vehicle.

How can I Restrain My Pet in My Car?

Restraining pets is not as challenging as it may seem. Additionally, it is not cruelty to the animal, it keeps them safe. A moving pet is also a distraction to the motorist and could even be the cause of a serious or deadly accident.

One of the most proven ways to restrain a small or large pet in a vehicle is to purchase a carrier that has been specifically made to go in the car. A car carrier will help protect a pet in case of a collision. As long as the carrier is large enough to accommodate the pet without allowing too much movement, it can provide comfort and shelter.

Another pet restraint mechanism is a restraint harness that is similar to a seat belt. Typically, the harness fits over the top of the chest and may be made into a crisscrossed shape. The harness is then attached to the seat belt. Not only does it keep the pet in place, but it prevents eager animals from jumping out the windows or doors.

Back seat pet traveling barriers can limit movement of the pet. Barriers generally fasten quickly between the front and back of the car without special equipment or tools. In the event of a slow-moving accident, they can stop a pet from moving forward and hitting the windshield.

For small, well-behaved dogs, there are specialty canine booster and car seats. Similar to booster seats for children, the canine specialty booster and car seat comes with a restraining harness and buckles.

Should I Have My Pet in the Front Seat?

Every pet owner must focus on keeping their pet in the back seat. The front seat is more dangerous for the pet and their owner. Additionally, a driver with an unrestrained pet can cause a serious car accident. If one is involved in a collision, they should contact a lawyer for assistance.

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