How Does Technology Influence Car Accident Cases?

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Technology influences car accident cases in a variety of ways. Driver-assistance features like lane departure warnings and rear cameras help prevent crashes, but handheld devices like cell phones contribute to their occurrence.

Cell phones and other electronic devices keep drivers connected to the outside world but leave traceable trails that can be used as evidence. A car accident lawyer can subpoena phone records.

Additionally, black boxes or Event Data Recorders (EDR) log conditions that might have led to an accident, like vehicle speeds, airbag deployment, seat belt use, and braking patterns. Front and rear dash cameras can do the same– all this data can be downloaded to SD cards, uploaded to computers, and used in court. Other technology used in car accident cases includes traffic camera footage, information tracked through GPS devices, and information from speed pass devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Car Accident Cases

Steering assist prevents vehicles from deviating from their lanes and guides them back into position, and electronic stability systems improve traction control and prevent dangerous skids.

Drivers also benefit from blind spot detectors and lane departure warnings that warn them not to change lanes because of hazards. Other preventative technologies include adaptive headlights, parking assist, and adaptive cruise control.

These systems are far from perfect, however. They take a while to get used to, which can confuse drivers. Many do not like the blinking and warning signals, so they turn the systems off. Just as importantly, drivers who rely on this technology ultimately end up crashing because they have a false sense of security. These systems are designed to assist drivers, not to replace things like looking into rearview mirrors.

How Does Technology Distract Drivers?

Drivers can be distracted by assistive technologies, particularly when they first learn how to use them. A more severe problem is using handheld devices and dashboard distractions, like GPS and radios. The National Security Council has reported that cell phone use causes 1.6 million crashes yearly, with almost 390,000 injuries from texting while driving.

Hands-free calling and texting might be safer because the driver’s hands stay on the steering wheel, but their attention is still taken away from the road when interacting with others. The safest move is to put the phone on Do Not Disturb mode until the drive has ended.

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