Do Large Screens in Vehicles Pose Safety Hazards?

Vehicle manufacturers have tried to make their cars, trucks, and SUVs safer to cut down on the number of highway car accidents and fatalities. They have added airbags, created crumple zones, and made rear cameras standard on many vehicle models. Yet, one concern of safety experts and risk analysts is the touchscreen display. This feature makes vehicles feel more modern and intuitive. At the same time, it may be creating a safety hazard.

Why are Touchscreens Dangerous in Cars?

Many drivers feel comfortable with interacting with screens. Most people click and swipe on phones, tablets, and responsive laptops throughout the day at home and work. However, when car users are asked to manipulate screens in their vehicles, they run the risk of distracted driving.

Unlike static knobs and gauges, screens have the potential to distract a driver’s attention simply by their presence. It can be tough to ignore flashing lights, moving text, or images and video. A driver who looks away from the road for a few seconds can travel a long distance, which could lead to an accident.

Another problem with touchscreens is that they are difficult to interact with for a driver who is not looking at the screen. Also, touchscreens are vulnerable to technological glitches. A vehicle that relies heavily on technology can be challenging to operate confidently if the technology is flawed. Although the vehicle should still move forward, the driver may not have access to any information, including gas tank levels or the speedometer.

How can Touchscreens be Improved?

Digital technology is useful in the development of vehicles, and there are proposed ways to make the features safer. Drivers who can interact with their vehicles through speech recognition are at less risk of distraction than those who must touch screens physically. A popular auto manufacturer anticipates to overcome distractions by enabling eye tracking.

There are no current statistics to predict how adding screens may change the numbers of annual car accidents because the technology has not been around long enough. Over time, data will help show the many ways screens may alter driver behavior. In the meantime, a victim of a distracted driving crash should contact a car accident lawyer to discuss recovering damages.

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