Did Your Driving Skills Decrease During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found themselves staying at home more than ever before. With children being homeschooled and the cancellation of extracurricular activities, many people are traveling less often. Additionally, many office workers are now working from home instead of embarking on their morning and evening commutes.

Can Stay-at-Home Orders Decrease Driving Skills?

As a result of staying at home, many drivers are on the roads less often. One unintended consequence of the pandemic seems to be that driving skills have eroded during the time when people were ordered to stay at home.

In general, drivers are self-reporting on social media that they feel that they have lost some of their driving skills during this time. Some drivers report that they are driving slower than normal when they get back on the road after some time away.

Other drivers have stated that their reaction skills are declining. Getting back into the car may feel like an information overload, and it may be a good idea to leave some extra time for getting comfortable in the car and on your neighborhood streets before taking off onto unfamiliar roads.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is advising parents of teenagers to do some additional hours of supervised driving time with their teens before allowing them to drive regularly on the road. A little extra practice is not a bad idea for any driver. Drivers of all ages may have found themselves with decreased skills after taking a hiatus from regular driving.

How is the Pandemic Impacting Traffic?

On the other hand, drivers who have not been staying at home during the pandemic, such as essential workers, have found themselves driving faster. In many cities, there has been an increase in highway drag racing, and speed cameras have detected some drivers taking advantage of decreased traffic and driving over 100 mph. Additionally, it is reported that drivers are engaging in distracted driving more frequently.

How do I Stay Safe on the Road?

As states start to open up slowly in the summertime months, the combination of out-of-practice drivers and speeders can lead to dangerous situations. Normally, the summertime is a time for increased car wrecks, especially among young drivers. It is important to always practice safe driving.

Although some insurance representatives are not yet reporting an increase in car accidents, the summer is just starting and state policies in response to COVID-19 are changing rapidly. Every driver should take the time to practice skills and be extra cautious on the road during these uncertain times. Safe driving is crucial at all times. If you feel your driving skills are decreasing, try to safely practice with another person in the car.

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