How can I Drive Safely with My Pet?

Pets are like family to many Americans. When taking them on the road, certain safety precautions will help to keep these important members of the household safe and from becoming a safe driving distraction. Below are some great tips to remember when traveling with the family pet. These tips can prevent a devastating car accident involving personal injury to drivers, passengers, and their pets.


Some Safety Tips for Driving with a Pet


Keep pets in the backseat. Pets can be a serious distraction in a moving vehicle. It is best to keep them in the backseat where they do not interfere with the driver. A dog might be happy riding in the front passenger seat, but it really is not the safest place for them. Furthermore, pets must not ride on the driver’s lap; not only is this distracting, but also it could be deadly if the airbag deploys.


Provide toys and treats. Dogs can get anxious during a car ride. To keep them from panicking during a long trip, chew toys or other items for them to focus on can save the day. Dog treats can also offer a pleasant distraction to the pet while additionally making sure they do not get too hungry before arriving at the destination.


Avoid distraction. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accident fatalities. Typically, people think of cell phone use when they talk about distracted driving, but a pet can certainly be distracting as well. It is important that the driver maintain focus on the road at all times and not the pet in the backseat.


Remember the pet’s needs. One simple thing that drivers may forget about before loading up their pet for a drive is the animal’s bathroom needs. Ensuring that the pet has had time outside before getting in the car can prevent a potty emergency down the road.


Remember the importance of training. A well-trained dog is the safest kind of furry travel companion. A poorly trained animal may not stay in one spot and become a dangerous distraction. The last thing a driver needs is a dog climbing on them when they are trying to focus on the road. Proper training makes for a safe car companion.


Keep an eye on temperatures. If a driver has to stop while traveling with their pet, they must be aware of temperatures in the car. Pets can die in a hot car in a very short period of time. Additionally, a cracked window and/or air conditioning can prevent driving distractions from a panting pooch.


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