Can Better Headlights Mean Fewer Car Accidents?


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), more powerful headlights can assist drivers in preventing nighttime car accidents. Studies have shown that cars with headlights that have received a positive rating when tested for safety assurance were in fewer accidents than the vehicles that received poor ratings. When motorists drive at night, it can be difficult to see, but with a brighter headlight, there is a better chance for reaction time to alert the driver and anyone else on the road that they are approaching. This new and advanced technology has served the driving community in a positive manner because since this improvement, there have been fewer accidents reported and the number continues to diminish. The improved headlights also serve as an alert to animals or people in the road, not just oncoming vehicles. 

How Are Headlights Graded to Determine Safety Quality?

When the IIHS tests various vehicles, they have a scale in which they grade the performance of headlights. The ratings that they use start at Poor and go all the way up to Good. Automakers are improving headlights with each new model developed to ensure that their company’s cars are receiving high scores. The scale is set at Poor, Marginal, Acceptable, and Good. The test will determine how headlights will perform on a road test. This test is set at a distance of a vehicle traveling 40 to 50 mph to determine the length of light being shined. 

How Do Advances in Technology Improve Headlights?

With each generation of cars being developed, safety features have become more and more vital to the designs. When auto makers are developing a new vehicle, they are designing something to attract an array of buyers. In other words, a vehicle with advanced safety features such as brighter headlights is something that is important to new drivers, families, and seasoned drivers when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, but it is not only about the sale. This is about developing a vehicle with features that can serve as an additional form of security when it matters most. The accident rate for nighttime drivers is lowered by 19 percent when drivers chose to select headlights that had a rating of Good. 

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