How can I Prevent a Parking Lot Car Accident?

Car accidents are not limited to roadways and intersections, many collisions happen in parking lots. Although most parking lot accidents involve vehicles travelling at slower speeds, injuries can still occur, especially among pedestrians. Pedestrian injuries are more likely to be severe.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), tens of thousands of parking lot accidents occur each year, especially when the weather is warmer outside. With added distractions like smart phones, it is even more important to be attentive in a parking lot. Since the weather will soon be warmer, drivers should learn now how to safety navigate parking lots.

Limit Distractions

According to a recent poll by the NSC, approximately 66 percent of motorists use their phones will driving through parking lots. Even though parking lots have lower speed limits, it is important to still follow traffic safety rules. Motorists should always avoid distracted driving. Some drivers even self-groom, particularly teenagers. Any form of distracted driving can lead to an accident or injury.

Leave Space

Drivers should always maintain a safe distance from other cars in parking lots too. Drivers may use quick maneuvers in a parking lot and passengers may suddenly appear, so it is always wise to leave enough space between one’s car and other vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicle damage and injuries happen when drivers park too closely to each other as well. A helpful tip is to use mirrors frequently.

Practice Caution

Drivers need to always stay alert and practice caution while the vehicle is moving, regardless of the speed. Motorists should always drive slow enough to monitor their surroundings and to know when to proceed carefully. While in a parking lot, drivers should also remember to do the following:

  • Use turn signals and obey all pedestrian crossings.
  • Anticipate other driver’s decisions and yield appropriately.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Check surroundings for any low-laying objects before getting into the car.

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Pedestrians

It is also important for pedestrians to practice safe habits in parking lots as well. Pedestrians should be wary of all moving vehicles and assume that drivers do not see them walking. The following are a few safety tips for those walking to and from their cars:

  • Pedestrians should try to walk in well-lit areas. It is important to always park in well-lit areas at night and to park close to stores. If working late, it is always a good idea to walk in pairs or with fellow workers.
  • Lock up the car: Locking up the vehicle is always important. Also, one should never keep expensive belongings in plain view.
  • Be aware of one’s surroundings at all times: Being aware of one’s surroundings is a good rule of thumb for pedestrians as well as drivers.

If a person was involved in a car or pedestrian accident in a parking lot, they may have legal options available to them. A lawyer can help with a personal injury claim after a collision.

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