Avoiding Car Accidents on Halloween

Car accidents on halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays we celebrate. Children have such a good time dressing up and getting candy, and even some parents get into the spirit and dress up alongside their children. However, Halloween trick-or-treating night can be one of the most dangerous nights to be out driving around, especially in town. Usually, for at least a few hours, there are youngsters everywhere, running from house to house and crossing dark streets. It gets dark pretty early that night, and many kids are wearing dark costumes and are difficult to see. When children are crossing intersections and streets, sometimes without their parents, it is a recipe for disaster if you are not careful when driving along a neighborhood street on Halloween. Drivers must be especially vigilant to avoid a car accident on Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

We all want youngsters to have a fun time that night and get home safely with their goodies. Therefore, there are some things that you can focus on to be safe if you must drive on Halloween night.

  • Do not drive. If you can help it, decide not to go out and drive on the roads that night, especially between the hours of about 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Check with your local municipality to see when trick or treat hours are specifically. This way you can drive without having to worry about little ghouls and goblins running out in front of your car.
  • Pay close attention. If you must drive that night, be extra vigilant and pay close attention to the road in front of you. Drive the speed limit, or even below the speed limit if you are in a neighborhood full of houses.
  • Do not drive distracted. This is an obvious suggestion. If you are paying attention to the latest text you received, you are not paying attention to the road ahead of you. All it takes is a second of distraction to miss seeing a small child run out into the street in front of your vehicle.
  • Do not drive impaired. This is another obvious tip. You should not drive intoxicated on drugs or alcohol no matter what night it is, but especially not when there are lots of small children running around neighborhoods. No driver wants to get into an accident and hit a child. Not only would you be responsible for injuring a child, but also you will face significant criminal consequences if that happens.

Halloween Safety Tips for Children

Children and parents can also practice Halloween safety tips to be safe while walking on sidewalks and streets when trick-or-treating. Here are some of the most important safety tips as compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Have an adult who goes along with younger children. The child safety organization Safe Kids Worldwide recommends that children 12 years or younger should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • When choosing or creating a costume, make sure the child can see properly. Costumes and masks that do not allow youngsters to see where they are going are always a safety hazard, from tripping over something to not being able to properly look both ways before crossing a street.
  • If possible, use lights or reflective tape on costumes or candy bags so that the youngsters can be more easily seen by drivers. A popular trend over the past 10 years is to attach glow sticks to children.
  • Just like drivers, children need to pay attention to where they are going. Everyone should keep off their phones and look ahead of them.
  • As always, look both ways before crossing a street.

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